Monday, April 6, 2009

This is Clan Tech Deck.

You can become part of the club! Sign up in comments and tell us what membership you want.

If you want to become an exclusive member, you have to pay $10.00 a month. If you buy that, you get everything else free!! You can become a regular member free.

You can buy the Video game that will soon be coming out for $5.00, or try out a sample of it, by downloading the demo. After you have payed for the Full Game, you can buy updates for it for .50 cents each. We will give a 75% refund to anyone who does not like the game.

The game will include: A tutorial for newcomers, over 10 Levels, A Store (Pay with points you earn in the game), 3 Characters (More to unlock), 3 skate boards (More to unlock), Music, and more with updates!

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